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Corel Draw X4 Graphics Suite ** KEYGEN ADDED **

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 lets you tackle creative graphics and design projects with confidence. Precision tools, market-leading file compatibility and high-quality content help you turn your creative ideas into professional results: from distinctive logos and signs, to striking marketing materials and eye-catching web graphics.


CorelDRAW X4: An intuitive graphic design and page layout application.
Corel PowerTRACE X4: The most accurate bitmap-to-vector tracing on the market.
Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4: An image-editing application developed specifically for a graphic design workflow.
Corel CAPTURE™ X4: A one-click screen capture utility.

New and Enhanced Features

- Modernized user interface
- CorelDRAW ConceptShare™
- Corel PowerTRACE™ X4
- EWindows Color System
- Adobe Color Management Module
- Enhanced Windows Vista® integration
- Interactive tables
- Independent page layers
- Integration with WhatTheFont™
- CorelDRAW Handbook - Insights from the Experts
- Support for RAW camera files
- And much more.......


Corel Draw Graphics Suite X3 - (Vista Certified)

A Breakthrough in Design More than 40 new features, over 400 enhancements Transform ideas into professional results with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3! With this comprehensive graphics suite, you can confidently tackle a wide variety of projects - from logo creation and Web graphics, to multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs. From new bitmap-to-vector tracing in Corel PowerTRACE, new photo-editing features in PHOTO-PAINT, new suite-wide learning tools, and enhancements in illustration and page layout, this suite combines design capabilities, ease-of-use, and affordability that cannot be matched by any other graphics software


Corel Draw Graphics 12

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite marks a new evolution in design. The first graphics suite to offer intelligent tools, it gives you fewer steps in the design process, less re-purposing time, faster reviews, better control over the placement of text and objects, and more accurate layouts. With industry-leading illustration, digital imaging and motion graphics software in one complete package, you'll bring your productivity and your designs to a new level.


Power ISO / PowerISO 4.3 + keygen (Tested 100% working) December 2008

Create, edit, extract, convert, compress, encrypt, mount CD,DVD image file!!!
PowerISO is a powerful image processing and file compression tool, which allows you to create, extract, compress, edit and convert ISO/BIN image files, and mount these files with internal virtual drive. And most of all, the compressed files can be used directly without decompressing.

• Support ISO, BIN, NRG, IMG, DAA, ...
• Open, Create, Edit, Extract ISO File...
• Compress, Encrypt, Split ISO File...
• Integrated with internal Virtual Drive...

Main Features:
- Support almost all CD/DVD-ROM image file formats (ISO, BIN, NRG, IMG, DAA and so on).
Note: DAA (Direct-Access-Archive) is an advanced format for image file, which supports some advanced features, such as compression, password protection, and splitting to multiple volumes. It can be handled directly just like other formats, such as ISO, BIN, ...
- Supports on-the-fly burning.
- Supports UDF image file.
- Create image file from hard disk files or CD/DVD-ROM.
- Edit an existing image file.
- Can edit and burn Audio CD image file.
- Extract files and folders from image file.
- Convert image files between ISO/BIN and other formats.
- Make bootable image file, get boot information from bootable image file.
- Make floppy disk image file.
- Optimize files to save disk space while saving image files.
- Mount image file with internal virtual drive. Even if the image file is saved as DAA format, the virtual drive can handle that format directly.
- Support shell integration, such as context menu, Drag and Drop, clipboard...
- Supports command-line parameters.
- Can open XBOX image file.
- Supports multiple languages
- Supports Windows XP 64-bit Edition and Vista.

Changes in PowerISO 4.3 (Nov 6, 2008):
+) Support up to 23 virtual drives.
+) Can open Blu-Ray iso files.
*) Some minor bug fixes and improvements.


The Toefl - 5CD Different For Toefl Examination


Number of CD-ROMs: 2

Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Platform: CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Intranet

Localizations: Chinese (Simplified), Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese

About the TOEFL®

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) measures the level of English language proficiency of non-native speakers of English. It is designed to test a wide variety of skills and abilities in English. It has four sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension and the Test of Written English.

The TOEFL is written and published by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A. It is an admissions requirement at colleges and universities in the U.S.A. and other parts of the world. In addition, many scholarship and professional certification programs now require their applicants to take the TOEFL.

System Requirements:
PC 486, 16 MB RAM
10 MB free disk space

Display resolution 800x600, High Color (16bit)

CD-ROM drive (2x speed)

Sound card (SB compatibel)


Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, NT 4.0





PhotoShop Top Secret Tutorial All 5 DVD (Bonus DVD Include)

DVD 1:
Movie Poster Design I Create a popular people montage seen on many movie posters. Movie Poster Design II Take an ordinary house and turn it into a Sci-fi Movie Poster. Movie Poster Credits Tips and tricks on creating a real “Credit Block” for movie posters. Dark Faces How I created my creepy Image that has been in Magazines and Ads. Breaking Apart Create the illusion that a face is falling apart. Dream Scene Montage Create an elephant with wings and place it into a futuristic world. Stone Portrait Create a “Stone Bust” out of a portrait for a killer special effect. Surreal Images Create a creamy foggy mist over water and rocks. Dream Skin Create a fantasy woman with henna art and dream skin. Special Effects Learn how to create orbs, fireballs and jellyfish like creatures.

Painting a Portrait Digitally paint a portrait from a photographic reference. Swapping Faces How to take the face from one photo and place it into a completely different one. Pop Art Turn a Photograph into artwork that was popular in the mid 1950’s. Applying Tattoos How to apply henna and tattoos to skin. Masking Fur Seamlessly remove the background from furry animals. Vanishing Point What Vanishing Point is and how to edit images with perspective. Web Graphics Learn how to create commonly used web graphics and screen shots. Shattered Type Create the illusion that text is being shattered like glass. Flower Greeting Card Use the vector tools in Photoshop to create an elegant looking Greeting Card. Creating DVD Covers Mark shows you exactly how he created the Photoshop Top Secret DVD covers.

Flying out of Bounds Create the classic “out of bounds” effect with a very cool masking trick. Reaching out of Bounds Creating the illusion of arms and hands reaching out of a picture frame. Chocolate Milk Frog How to make a frog covered in chocolate. Covered with Wax Choose an object and cover it with melting wax. Grunge Look Create a unique grunge background that can be used for almost anything. Square Fruit Play with mother nature by changing the shape of fruit. Invisible Man How to make a person vanish from their clothing. Metal Collage How to create a Robot with pieces of a Photo and then place it into another world. Morphing Creatures Morph animals and reptiles together to create interesting creatures. Using Layer Comps How to create multiple layouts in one Photoshop file using Layer Comps

Vector Art Portrait Turn a Photograph into beautiful vector art. Dreamy Background Create Sci-fi looking spiral backgrounds. Liquid Metal The ultimate Liquid metal technique that can be applied to text and objects. Smoke Create Psychedelic and Natural Smoke to incorporate into your artwork. Soap Bubbles Use soap bubbles to add flair to your projects. Water Bubbles Use these water bubbles to infuse imagination into your projects. Underwater Scene Create an underwater illusion with just the tools in Photoshop. Swap Animal Skin Take skin from one animal and place it over another. Stylized Character Turn a sketch into colorful art. Masking Mastery Special video that explains many masking techniques used by the pros.

Tech Info: Video tutorials stream off the DVD-Roms using Adobe Flash technology. Videos have stereo sound and run at 12 to 15 frames per section. Stop, Play pause and video scrub controls are available at all times.

Bonus DVD5:

Kaspersky Internet Security/Antivirus Fully One Year Licensed + Many Working Keys!!!

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